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Carin is originally a Colorado native. She has three grown children, her oldest son enrolled in the Culinary program in the city. Carn's oldest daughter is a junior at Colorado University at Boulder, and her youngest daughter is taking classes at Chabot Community College. Carin has lived in the Bay Area for 30 years and has worked in the Berkeley, Rockridge area for 18 years. In her spare time, Carin loves outdoor time with her dog Diesel. When she isn't outdoors spending time with her dog, she likes to dive into a good book or spend time in the kitchen learning a new recipe. Carin loves the practice of dental care and hygiene. Providing care in a gentle but thorough manner is her priority. As she continues to learn and grow in her practice of care, Carin loves to provide a positive environment to educate patients while being able to adjust care to meet the unique needs of the client. 

How soon can you see me in an emergency?

Our office is open Monday-Thursday, and we do save time each day for emergencies on an as-needed basis. We can definitely see a patient within the business week. We also are on-call over the weekend and can be reached on our emergency line.

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