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Patient Testimonials

The best way to gauge if a dental practice will fit all your needs is by paying attention to reviews and testimonials. Learning what patients have to say about us is a great way to see how we're doing in real time. 

Please take a moment to read through some comments left by our wonderful patients, then give us a call to learn more about our practice!


How soon can you see me in an emergency?

Our office is open Monday-Thursday, and we do save time each day for emergencies on an as-needed basis. We can definitely see a patient within the business week. We also are on-call over the weekend and can be reached on our emergency line.

What issues can veneers fix?

Veneers can help redefine the look of your teeth, whether it's from medication-related internal staining or congenitally small teeth in a large dental arch. We can redesign the shape and shade of your teeth to your liking, close spaces (diastema), and overall esthetics. We may also work in conjunction with orthodontists and periodontists to conserve your tooth structure and meet your esthetic expectations.

Sue M.

I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Amy Au. As a healthcare professional myself, I am very particular who I see and trust. She extracted two molars and placed in two implants. EVerything looks and most importantly feel great. I Would highly recommend Dr. Au to my family and friends. She is extremely knowledgeable, competent, gentle and meticulous.

Danielle S.

Dr. Amy Au was very patient and thorough. Even though I have anxiety about dental work, the procedure went really well and I had zero pain after the filling! The cleaning with Suzanne was also a very positive experience.

Vicky M.

I recently had some dental procedures by Dr. Au. Specifically, an implant and 2 crown replacements. I have suffered from dentist fears my entire life, probably from a bad childhood dentist. From start to finish Dr. Au was professional and caring. I never had any discomfort and am here to reassure you she is a great dentist! And the results were beyond my expectations. Thank you, Dr. Amy Au!

Lynn W.

I have had lifelong complicated dental issues. I am very picky about finding a trusted and competent dentist. Dr. Au is everything I wat in a dentist. Competent, patient, caring, great diagnostically, and a perfectionist. She makes sure that the result is what she and I want. I trust her and am very pleased with her work and with the entire team.

Totally Qualified and Committed

"Dr. Au is awesome!! I started extensive and complicated dental work over year ago, requiring implants and upper and lower dentures. My dentist, at that time had been doing a wonderful jon, but could not finish due to health reasons. He referred me to Dr. Au, who picked up where he left off. I was very nervous about moving on to a new dentist, as the work my original dentist had been doing was going so well. During my first meeting with Dr. Au, I was immediately impressed and became less nervous. After that, I quickly relaxed, realizing she was totally qualified and committed to the complexity of the work and every 'little' detail that would affect the outcome. She never hesitated to have me come in as many times as it took to make sure my dentures would be complete to perfection. She is not only an excellent dentist with a warm and caring persona, she approached my unique and complicated situation, as an artist determined to provide me with comfortable well designed dentures that were, also, equally aesthetic with the most 'natural' looking teeth. I am so grateful that I was referred to her." I.J.

Dr. Au's Knowledge and Attention to Detail

"Dr. Amy Au is an excellent prosthodontist. She is caring and highly competent. I have a complex dental case that requires coordination and consultation with other specialists such as orthodontists and oral surgeons and I have appreciated her knowledge and close attention to detail. I highly recommend Dr. Au for high quality dental care." Theresa K.

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