Announcement from Berkeley Prosthodontics (updated April 2, 2020):

Dear Berkeley Prosthodontics Patients,

In light of the evolving pandemic and strong suggestions by public health officials, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our practice from March 16, 2020 to May 3, 2020. We do not make this decision lightly, however our top priority is the health and well-being of our patients, families, staff and community. If you have an appointment scheduled with us during those weeks, our office will be in touch to help reschedule your appointment. In the case of emergency situations, we WILL have a dentist on call.

If you need emergency dental care, please call Dr. Au’s emergency dental line at 1-925-529-4704.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and the guidance from the county, state and the CDC. For now, we will determine on a weekly basis when it is appropriate for us to return to our normal business hours.

Again, please understand that we are making this decision with the health and well-being of our patients, our families, our team and our community in mind.
We thank you for your patience during this challenging time and wish all of you continued health.

Amy Au, Barbara Curtis, and the Berkeley Prosthodontics Dental Team
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How to Deal With a Failing Dental Bridge

January 15, 2020
Posted By: Berkeley Prosthodontics and General Dentistry Staff
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Dental restorations have come a long way since their prototypes. Your repairs, including your dental bridge, have the potential to last for years or even decades when they’re well-maintained. 

Unfortunately, normal wear and tear, as well as dental decay or facial trauma, can harm your restorations. If you’re dealing with a failing dental bridge in Berkeley CA, we’ll walk you through how to handle the situation.

Why is my bridge failing?

One of the most common reasons dental bridges fail is due to poor oral hygiene. Bacteria can affect your bridge’s abutment teeth and cause them to develop cavities. Additionally, your bridge itself can fracture or not be the right size for your smile. 

What do I do if my bridge is failing?

If you have a failing dental bridge in Berkeley, CA, you shouldn’t try to handle the repairs yourself. Because bridges can fail for several different reasons, it’s always best to consult with a knowledgeable dentist.

If your bridge is failing, our Berkeley dentists, Drs. Au or Curtis, need to examine your mouth to find the underlying cause for the failure. 

We need to treat damaged abutment teeth right away, so we will remove your failing bridge from your mouth entirely. This typically means breaking your dental bridge so we can remove it from your teeth, but we will create a new dental bridge to take its place once your abutment teeth are healthy. 

If the dental bridge itself is damaged, but your teeth are fine, our Berkeley, CA dentists may be able to repair the bridge while it’s still attached to your teeth. If you notice your dental bridge is cracking, chipping, moving, hurting, or otherwise failing, don’t hesitate to call our dental office. We must see you right away to address the problem and avoid damaging your smile.

Do you have a failing dental bridge in Berkeley? Contact Berkeley Prosthodontics and General Dentistry today at (510) 644-2114! 

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